Breath of Life Update - Patch 5

New friends have arrived in ROTA! The Sun, Moon and Stars have come along with them...
ROTA is now populated with curious characters eager to meet you! Have a chat between puzzles!
Clouds have filled with sky, bringing weather like rain and snow falling gently to the ground.

Breath of Life Update - Patch 5 Changes:

  • New Characters moved in, populating ROTA!
  • Chat with folks and get to know them (;
  • Connect stray worlds and bring people together!
  • Dynamic Weather System! Clouds fill the sky with falling Rain & Snow...
  • Day & Night! Watch the Sun rise and Moon fall.
  • Dynamic Lighting and Shadows! Illuminated by the Burning Star in Orbit.
  • Stars come out at night! Twinkling in the distance...
  • Background depth with Parallax layers!
  • Doors hold a Vortex, sucking in travelers and spitting them out the other end!
  • Door closing Sound Effect.
  • World Door Unlock Cutscene! Combine the power of Gems and fill the socket...
  • All Menus overhauled! Simple & Clean.
  • Pause Menu minified. The world keeps moving...
  • UI animation improved when collecting a Gem or Clock!
  • Hair physics rework! Smoother motions when swaying in the breeze (;
  • Radial Blur effect with help from Guy Unger! <3
  • Player D-Pad & Joystick input issues fixed! Movement feels more responsive.
  • Camera speed V-Sync issue fixed!
  • Performance improvements! Ignoring many objects off-screen.


ROTA - Windows 50 MB
Version 21 Apr 16, 2023
ROTA - Linux 51 MB
Version 21 Apr 16, 2023
ROTA - Mac (Experimental) 66 MB
Version 21 Apr 16, 2023
ROTA Demo - Windows 50 MB
Version 6 Apr 16, 2023
ROTA Demo - Linux 51 MB
Version 5 Apr 16, 2023
ROTA Demo - Mac (Experimental) 66 MB
Version 5 Apr 16, 2023


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